Tunnel Of Love

Tunnel Of Love


A belated Valentine from That Ole Bible Belt. Many see Tunnel Of Love as a turning point in Bruce Springsteen's catalog. The pointed highway sign for the claimed mid and disjointed albums to follow. I personally see it as Springsteen's first truly reflective album on himself and his decisions that brought him to the heights of fame, personal disillusionment, and relationship turmoil 1988. Springsteen's staying power is partially his marathon shows that made Born To Run and Born In The U.S.A the powerhouses they are, that is true. However it is and has always been just as true it's his relentless pursuit of truth and craft in his songwriting. I cannot think of an album in his catalog where that is more evident than the lonely Valentine called Tunnel Of Love.

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Double sided graphics with water based inks printed onto a White Comfort Colors 1717 blank.

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