I Am The Barometer

I Am The Barometer


"It seems that I am a barometer. This is why I suggest you can use me to benchmark any dormant cruelty or lack of compassion in a person you wish to know more about -- a potential friend, or lover, or even a business partner. Check them out. Try the Wendy Test (probably they've never heard of me, and so the test is invalid before it begins. Oh well, invent a similar test of your own, I can't do everything... ;-) See if they are pretty comfortable in their own personhood and especially in their sexuality. See if they've matured into empathetic adulthood yet. Or note those unable to climb up from that giggly self-conscious immaturity that allows kids to behave at times like little monsters, firmly rooted in the ego-centered subjectivity of a new baby. You may be surprised by what you learn..."

These shirts are ready to ship and will ship out in 3-5 business days. All profits go to the Southern Poverty Law Center. For all other questions or concerns refer to the FAQ page or email us.

Single sided graphic with water based inks printed onto an Ivory Comfort Colors 1717 blank.

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